Thinking About A Destination Wedding?

Welcome to all my Newly Engaged Readers! The holidays are such a popular time to get engaged, but now that the holiday haze has faded, it’s time to plan a wedding! Are you thinking about a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are so popular these days, and for great reason! We had a destination wedding (yes, Philadelphia is considered a destination!) and it was wonderful! Our friends at Marriott sent me this info graphic to share with you – click on it to see it full size!


this infographic was Powered by Marriott

Is anyone considering a destination wedding? I am holding out hope that my stepbrother and his fiancee pick a tropical destination for their 2015 wedding. I love nothing more than combining my two favorites – travel and weddings – into one fun filled weekend!

Side note: I was not compensated for this post in any way. Just wanted to pass along a cool info graphic. I will always tell you when a post is sponsored, and it will be labeled as such. 

Next Time: We Talk Details!

Happy 2014! (and a look back at 2013)

It’s kind of an understatement to say that 2013 was a great year. I want to call 2013 monumental, but even that doesn’t sound quite right. The truth is, 2013 was a life-changing year.

Inspired by my good friend Mindy at Budget Fairy Tale, I decided to list it all out. The year felt so full, but the list seems lean.

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A Marvelous Moxie Marriage: Sleepless (and Power-less) In Philadelphia

At 5am on Friday morning, I was wide awake in our gorgeous hotel suite, staring out the window at a downpour of rain. Bob the Builder was snoring contentedly, sleeping off his whisky-fuled bachelor party from a few hours before. I had read that wedding insomnia was common, but since I normally sleep like the dead, I didn’t think it would be a problem for me. But, alas, there I was. Couldn’t sleep, browsing Facebook at 5:30 am. I eventually managed to get a little more sleep before the sun came up. But, not enough.

personal photo

My 5:30am view from the Hotel Monaco. That’s our wedding venue with the golden lights up top. Oh, and that’s the Second Bank of the U.S in the foreground. As in, the second bank EVER in the history of our country. NBD.

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A Marvelous Moxie Marriage: We Went to Philly, and There was Weather

Let’s start at the beginning, yes?

Bob the Builder and I arrived in Philadelphia around dinnertime on the Tuesday night before the wedding. Don’t worry, I’ll do the math for you: We had 3 days and 7 hours (give or take) to get everything ready for The Big Day.

I had been checking the weather like it was my full time job so I knew that the forecast was calling for rain. All week. Seven days of rain.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.05.00 AM

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Guest Post: Thoughts from the Father of the Bride

Moxie Dad! Photo by Redfield Photography

Moxie Dad!
Photo by Redfield Photography

Moxie Dad here blog followers… I asked Moxie if she minded posting this reflection on the wedding from a Dad’s point of view in the hopes that as you plan your own special day you will be aware of the significance that the festivities hold for those who love you the most.

Many people had asked me prior to the big day, “What is it going to feel like giving away your daughter…” which felt to me like some ancient custom from a long lost civilization. This certainly didn’t apply to Moxie and me; our relationship was different, more modern, and more self-aware.  Well-intentioned people seemed to be preparing me for some great loss and as they spoke to me I noticed that their comments went in two directions:

a) Like I was losing my daughter rather than gaining a son in law

b) Like I had giving away something here rather than acknowledging that it was she that gave her love to Bob the Builder.

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How My Wedding Made Me a Maker…One of Many Lessons Learned

When I started planning our wedding, I would frequently say to people, when asked, “Oh, no, I don’t DIY, I buy.”

I knew myself well enough to know that I hold very high standards for any project I take on. I was once described as “a professional, in every thing you do”. I took that as a very high compliment – in fact, I still regard it as one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Because it’s true.

If I’m cooking dinner, I expect that it will taste as good as restaurant food. If I’m working on a play, I expect that I will be regarded as a professional actor. I was like this even in high school, by the way. I’ve always thought that there is no sense in aspiring to mediocrity.  If I’m going to do something, it is going to be at the highest caliber I know. Either be the best, or don’t do it.

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